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FlipKart Printed Tamper Proof Bags

Anti Static Bags offered contain low thickness polyethylene bags that assist in giving craved assurance to electronic parts from building of static vitality and additionally to maintain items in perfect and also dampness free wrap up. Shielding delicate gadgets from harms that are brought about through hurtful impacts of friction based electricity; these Anti Static Bags are of plastic and polyethylene highlights and in addition particular shading completion. The diverse variations offered Anti Static Bags can be made accessible in type of sheets or packs.

Highlights :

  • Low expenses Anti Static Bags
  • Straightforward configuration and development norms of Anti Static Bags
  • Vicinity of antistatic operators or material on/in film
  • Helps in killing danger of static harms and in addition in anticipating era of electricity produced via friction
  • Suitable for bundling, putting away and in addition delivery of non-touchy and also delicate electronic parts
  • Surface resistance is under 1012 ohms/sq of Anti Static Bags