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Low Melting EVA Bags

Natural Color,Red Color and Light Yellow Colors EVA Bags widely used in Chemicals and Rubber Industries.

Low-melt EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) batch inclusion bags designed for the preliminary process of mixing rubber and other materials in the rubber and tire industry.EVA bags are used For Packing of Rubber, Natural Rubber, Synthetics, reclaimed Rubber Bales.

It is available in different colors like pink, yellow, red, green & clear transparent color for easy batch code identification. The Unique molecular structure permits cross-likability with sulfur or peroxide curing medium, allowing the bag to become an integral part of the resulting compound. These Bags made from syndiotactic Polybutadiene, a unique cross-linkable polymer that links with the molecules of your Rubber ingredients to actually become part of the end product.

EVA Bags are cleaner with less to less to store and less to throw away, EVA batch inclusion bags can help you save a lot of time and resources when it comes time to clean up.

Minimum Order Quantity:2000Pcs

Different Sizes Available:
8" x 12" x 40 Micron 8" x 12" x 50 Micron 18" x 18" x 40 Micron 18" x 18" x 50 Micron)
18" x 24" x 40 Micron 18" x 24" x 50 Micron 20" x 22" x 50 Micron 24" x 29" x 50 Micron
24" x 32" x 50 Micron 24" x 32" x 60 Micron 12" x 16" x 40 Micron 31" x 28" x 50 Micron